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Salt is Beautiful

Where do you keep your salt?

Take a peek into most kitchen cupboards and you’re bound to find at least one plastic bag of salt in a corner, slumped over and slowly hardening into an encrusted mass.  And why not?  It’s the most commonplace substance in every kitchen, corner café and supermarket, abundantly available and probably the least special condiment in the world.


But in ancient times, salt was precious and rare.  It was hard to come by and humans would follow animal trails that led them to evaporated salt lakes or salt licks.  These trails became roads, towns and cities grew up around the salt roads and became flourishing trading centres – all because of salt.  Even glamorous Venice built its riches on humble salt.

Salt became a mark of wealth and would be kept in the salinum, a vessel made of silver and regarded as essential in every household in ancient Rome.  During medieval times, elaborate master salt cellars evolved. A sign of status and prosperity, these would be prominently displayed at the head table.

As late as the 18th century, dinner guests would be socially ranked according to where they were seated in relation to the ornately decorative salt cellar. Those seated above the salt at the head of the table were considered more important than those sitting below the salt.


Today, salt has become ordinary stuff. It’s on every restaurant table, in every fish-and-chip shop and on the counter of every bar serving tequila and peanuts.

However, here at Oryx Desert Salt, we know and believe salt is special, especially ours and our aim is to give you something beautiful to celebrate in both taste and style.   So when it comes to keeping salt, let’s make it everyday-gorgeous!


Far from being a whimsical useless kitchen gadget, the salt pig is essential!  So called, not because it resembles a pig, but because pig in Scottish dialect means earthenware jar or pot, it’s a specially shaped ceramic pot with a curved hood.  Even next to the stove, where things can get steamy and humid, a good salt pig or salt pot keeps your salt dry, loose and fresh.  Salt is easily accessible through the large opening as most salt pigs come with an accurate scoop measure so you’re less likely to over-salt during cooking.  The clever and practical curved hood helps to keep the salt free of oil and other liquid splashes.  Apart from anything else, a well-made salt pot is a gracious and attractive addition to your kitchen!



And when it comes to serving salt to the table, the possibilities are endlessly inventive. From shakers and grinders, exquisite leaf-shaped dishes to gold-scalloped seashells, elegant or extravagant – whatever you do, make it beautiful! Adding salt to your food is a tiny detail that makes a huge difference. Likewise, a beautifully crafted grinder or salt dish adds a special touch to your dining table.

As for your kitchen cupboard, we think storing salt in our unique cotton draw-string bags is pretty cool.

Let’s make salt precious all over again!

One thought on “Salt is Beautiful

  1. Katie says:

    Oryx Desert salt is a lovely salt to cook with. The taste is far “kinder” than sea salt, I have really noticed a difference in flavour plus it is so good to know that it is beneficial to our health. The oak smoked salt has transformed my Sunday roast potatoes! The other benefit is that the grinders work really well and don’t leave a pile of salt on the dining room table after every use. I would highly recommend this product.

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